19/11/14- Fine Art PART 2


The Fine Art project we are going to be doing next week is called 'Witness' we have been told to think of ideas and prepare for next week when we start back and have a new project. Over the weekend we are supposed to observe whats around us and collect information of document through drawing what we see. I thought this could be in the outside world, our homes or films, documentaries we watch. We are supposed to 'Witness' life around us, people or places. This makes it sound like we are going to be spies and spy on people or things around us like we are being nosey. Looking at an event or non-event, maybe truth or fiction. We could take photographs, write, or draw. I drew images of things/landscape around me in normal every day life. I drew the landscape out of my bedroom window, as some things can be there that you see every day that you don't take notice of, take for granted or miss the beauty of it because its a usual thing you see all the time, I drew the trees and when I looked out of the window later there was a nice ray of colours in the sky, which people usually believe to mean that tomorrow will be a good day. I also drew a scenario which I saw when I was on the train. The train not usually was very empty and quiet I couldn't hear any talking and then there was a lady who went round leaving a packet of tissues and a printed note next to people saying that she had a child and needed money for support and if we could help her by giving a pound to buy the tissues, she went around people not bothering them just leaving the note and tissues down next to people and then came back after a while to collect them, so she was asking for money in a gentile non pushy way. From what I saw there was a man opposite me who didn't leave any money, I didn't either, I think its because you don't know the person and people have lots of perceptions that people won't make use of the money that they give you. I am going to look at the project brief and see what ideas I can think of or gather through research.

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