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Project Brief


Project Context:

This one week project is based on a theme — and is deliberately designed to allow you to explore and develop a range of ideas. You will be asked to consider, explore and attempt to explain what it is to be a Human Being and what being human might imply. This is important because in many ways, Fine Art could be defined as being the activity through which we explore and try to understand what it is to be a Human Being, and communicate this experience to others. Many believe that Art is therefore fundamentally exclusive to humans.The project is based on artist Ryan Gander’s Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, in which anthropologists from outer space set out on a mission to understand life on earth through an investigation into contemporary art objects. Similarly, you will consider physiological and psychological aspects of humanity, and find ways of exploring and interpreting ideas through a range of media. You will respond to a series of tasks to produce experimental outcomes on each day of this project, culminating in a more considered and developed outcome on the final day of the project.

Project Description:

• As an inhabitant of our planet, Earth, your aim is to send a message to imagined anthropologists from outer space. Your message will provide insights into what it is to be a Human Being.

• You will create a ‘collection’ of information that will be packaged and delivered to the anthropologists from outer space – a message to the stars.

• In order to do this, you will need to analyse, interpret and represent aspects of ‘human-ness’ in all its multifarious forms.


My understanding of this project

I grasped this project want us to think what is Human Being and express our ideas on various way. 

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