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Project Brief


Project Context:

This is a quick 1-week project, which will teach you the skills of basic video, sound and image editing. You will be introduced to, and spend time working with Adobe Premier, (one of the most powerful editing programs available), empowering you to control the moving image. You will also explore the concept of editing, and the political potential of found-footage.

Project Description:

Many artists choose to work with found materials, incorporating the history or associations of that material into their work. Marcel Duchamp was the first to coin the phrase “Ready Made” referring to something taken from the context of the everyday world and represented in a new context - a gallery space. This project will be based around re-editing ready-made or found footage. You will be asked to select some found-footage and research it’s meaning and context. Then you must rework it, and create a short piece (no more than 2 minutes) that responds to the footage. You can use source material from anywhere, but may want to start with Prelinger.

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