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Project Brief


Project Context:

Fine Art is a broad term that encompasses a number of disciplines (such as Painting, Printmaking, Video, Photography, Video, Sculpture and Installation) that can be distinctive or interrelate. Within the area of Sculpture, many different materials and methods are used, with artists constantly experimenting to discover new ways of making and thinking. In this project, you will learn to identify many of the prevalent processes that sculptors are using today, from choosing, arranging and assembling, to modelling, casting and 'industrial' fabrication. Much sculptural work begins with content; that is, sculptors find appropriate materials and methods to represent certain concepts or themes. However, it is not necessary for art always to start with the intent that it will be ‘about’ something. In particular, in the 1960’s a group of influential artists and critics argued that the content of an artwork could also lie in the internal relationship set up between the process used and the form that the work eventually took. This practice reached the point where a new term was deemed necessary — ‘Process Art’. At present there seems to be something of a reappraisal of the appeal of form as content. In Art history terms, this is known as ‘Formalism.’

Project Description:

After discussing the myriad possibilities offered by “sculpture”, a flexible approach in the studio will be integral to this project. We are not asking you to try to say or represent anything. Instead, we want you to learn that exploring, enjoying and valuing experimentation with physical elements within the world can bring rich rewards. The form your works will eventually take will come not from any attempt to arrive at a given outcome, more from your openness and innovation. By the end of this week you will have at least 5-10 sculptural outcomes documented for your portfolio.


I think this project says, when we make artworks, sometimes we do not need any concepts, just make a work through the process.

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