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Through this project

I found a new way which I can use anything for sculpture. Before I had this class, my image of sculpture was just using clay, plaster, wood and so on, but actually we can use ready-made things. Art can be anything. Everything can be art. This is the thing I learned in the lessons. And this project reminds me an artwork that I saw at Tate Modern several months ago, Everyday made by Subodh Gupta, using stainless steel and stainless steel utensils on marble bace. I liked using forks and spoons for my work.
I again realised that I am not really good at sculpture because I have no idea what I should make when I am in front of materials. I like to make three-dimensional pieces, but against my feeling, the works are not that great, and actually I prefer making two-dimensional works. Therefore I quite struggle with making them in the class. I think it is also good experience that I found the feeling.

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