Tracey Emin

In the White cube gallery I watched a video of Tracey Emin speaking about her work. I made notes of this. She spoke of seeing ourselves for how we are, she needs to know who she is, and she is constantly drawing herself. Speaking about her work she said most paintings have 4-5 layers, she tries to leave them feeling unfinished, she's ruined some works by overdoing them and how paintings have a journey. She started a big painting in 2007 and she's only just finished it, she enjoyed the aggressive embroideries. She thought they had a sense of intimacy and strength without being overpowering. She has an interest in mountains how they have a peak but never can get to the peak but be on the ledge like a twilight zone with love, how your last adventure is with yourself. She learnt about bronzing and artwork in her new pieces, it was like going back to school again. She spoke of her sculptures how she invokes a really passionate expression, as you can see the marks where her hands have been showing her personality and touch. She has a desire for people to understand her involvement in the work. Some drawings are her, coming of age, relating to herself and for how you are in your mind to see yourself physically.

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