White Cube Gallery

Exhibiting: Tracey Emin and Etel Adnan

Works of Tracey Emin included:

- Roman Standard, 2013, Bronze and Silver nitrate patina, Sculpture 4in. x 7in.

- The Last Great Adventure is you, 2014 Neon, 450 x 172 cm

-Hands Open, 2014, Gouache on paper, 66.5 x 76.5 x 3.5 cm

Emin's Worked Featured bronze sculptures, gouaches, paintings, large-scale embroideries and neon works, the exhibition chronicles the contemplative nature of work by an artist who has consistently examined her life with excoriating candour. Reflective in tone, the works, in the exhibition are the result of many years' development from the bronze sculptures - the most significant body she has made to date- to the works on canvas. There is a complexity in the sculptural form of the bronzes, simultaneously robust yet tender, that points to a consummate understanding of material, composition and subject matter. While the paintings at first appear simple and immediate many of them are the result of application, obliteration and layering over a period of several years. Emin repeatedly returns to the canvases as a means of reviewing, revising and reconsidering her own position in relation to painting through temporal passages.

Works of Etel Adnan included:

-The Bay on the Bay, 1986, Ink and water colour on paper, 16.5x207cm

- Untitled, 2014, Oil on canvas, 24.5 x 30.2cm

New paintings by Lebanese- born artist, as a poet and novelist Adnan is one of the leading voices in contemporary Arab American literature. She has produced a series of 26 abstract landscape paintings- bold, colourful and expressive works that are intimate in scale. Painted from memory, landscaped are distilled into the definitive features: mountain, horizon and sky are represented as square masses or triangular, pyramidal shapes in thick, bright colours. A floating circular shape rendered in yellow, orange or green suggests a sun; bands of pure colour suggest sea or sand. Adnan works on a table using a palette knife to apply oil paint onto the canvas- often directly from the tube- in firm swipes across the picture's surface. These elemental colour field compositions exude an intense energy, recalling the block like slabs of colour in the late French landscapes of Russian painter Nicolas de Stael. Adnan says, 'Images are not still. They are moving things. They come, they go, they disappear, they approach, they recede and they are not even visual- ultimately they are pure feeling. Her work relates to places that have a deep resonance for Adnan: the mountains near her home in Sausalito, California, where the artist has lived for some 50 years. For her 'vision is multidimensional and simultaneous' and these new paintings are the meeting place for many images coalesced into one sensorial experience.



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