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The small bits of rolled tissue paper create a 'sea', representing how the feeling when I first felt the jelly bean packet, I though there was a liquid inside. If I had more time and materials, I would of created the balls out of clay or some kind of mouldable material. I would of also made more of them to be more sea-like, which would of also creates a dramatic and interesting set, for people to walk and clamber over. The sheets of laminated paper hanging from the ceiling poles, is to represent the sharp plastic edges of the packaging, I created 3 slides as a link to set designs which often have layers or screens that can be changed. This also creates different dimensions, making it an interesting space to walk through. I really enjoyed this task, the model making was my favourite part, of PDP, when we were doing the diagnostics part of the course at the beginning, so it was really enjoyable to be able to send more time on the designing of my set, considering what it would look like life size, and how people would interact with it. It was also interesting to think about how to explain a texture through 3D design, which is something i have never done before.

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