11th Nov

Today we made drawings based on textures we held in our hands without seeing them. Then we made small models of a set or stage design based on one of these images. I chose to use this tissue paper in my design. I liked the idea that as a person walked into the space, they would feel wrapped up and enveloped in a soft, delicate environment. I also like the idea that the set would be easily destroyed and ripped because it was not quite the right dimensions for people to move through with out risking it. I like the idea that people could interact with something I made causing them to think about fragility and moving carefully. The design also reminds me of a wood and is slightly transparent as well so could add to a feeling that there is more to see behind the layers.

download.php?file=689616&embedded=1&textbox=684980 download.php?file=689621&embedded=1&textbox=684980


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