Tracy Emin - White Cube

I went to Tracey Emin's exhibition, The Last Great Adventure is You, at White Cube. There were a lot of works of naked ladies as paintings, drawings, sculptures and stitching. I loved this exhibition, especially some huge stitchings. The works looked like drawings at first, but as taking a closer look, it was actually stitching. It was incredible and stimulating works. The painting which I saw on London Time Out was small size. I expected a big painting, so that made me surprised. Although the size was small, it was a powerful painting, and the colour of it enthralled people.

White Cube is pleased to announce 'The Last Great Adventure is You', a major new exhibition by Tracey Emin, her first at the London gallery in five years. Featuring bronze sculptures, gouaches, paintings, large-scale embroideries and neon works, the exhibition chronicles the contemplative nature of work by an artist who has consistently examined her life with excoriating candour.

The title 'The Last Great Adventure is You', which is transcribed in neon within the exhibition, was originally intended by Emin as a reference to the 'other person'; however, over the two year period since she began creating this body of work, she came to realise that the implication was once again coming back to the self.


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