Thomas Hirschhorn - Out of Space

Thomas Hirschhorn


Too Too - Much Much


Thomas Hirschohorn is a Swiss artist who is one of the leading artists in the international contemporary art world.

When I saw this work, I liked this for some reasons. 

Too Too - Much Much is a work that follows my directive "Energy: Yes! Quality: No!?". There are two 'topics' in this work. The first is linked to the motif: beverage cans, the consumption, the Excess while the second topic relates to the role of the artist who always wants to do too much, without coming to the essence, but who quite contrarily disregards the essence, who really does way too much. These two topics come together - nevertheless - in one form. The Form Too Too - Much Much. The form of this work is also a manifesto that confirms that the artist's practice is neither pure theory nor pure practice. The work of the artist should definitely go beyond the theory and practice." (

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