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Through this project

I liked my final work which was made with some layers, especially printing on tracing papers looked very nice. I have printed on it as a black and white before, but it was my first time to try colour print on it. It was successful and looked beautiful, and the layers also worked well with the tracing papers as I put cardboards between the layers, so I want to make it again on the different way at some point.

Another thing I found was that the size of artworks was important. My work was quite small, and Some people made huge pieces. Small works like mine are mostly sensitive and detailed works. Conversely huge works were bold and dynamic. Both has advantages, and we can not say which is correct because art does not have a specific answer. However as I said, the size make the artwork different impression. Some big works in this project caught a great deal of attention. That is very important point to show the works. I think if I want to create small piece like my final work., I should make a large amount of works. It would look better than just one.

I am proud of my final work, but the location was difficult to find, and also it was a small piece, so these elements did not make my work conspicuous. I had already thought the size was a worth point to consider when I took the Human Being project, and this project also taught me this, so from next time, I should think about the size of the work or the quantity of the works.

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