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Thursday, 13th November

I went to school a little bit later than usual. I put my work on the wall and looked around the other people's works. Everyone set each works up when I was seeing them, so I left the place to display and went to the library.

Our critique started after 2pm. I was interested in a work which is making a space in the emptiness. He focused on it and made a space without any objects. His way to create a space was to made a square area with tapes and play a sound when people were in the place, and then the people noticed there was a "space." We normally do not care about the emptiness, but if there is an action like making the sound, we find there is something in the area. When I was going to the library, I did not know there was a space. And when I walked through the area without noticing, he played the sound. I was a little bit surprised, but actually I found there was a space. It was only taped with a square but became an actual space even though there was nothing on the floor. That was very clever and impressive.

The point I struggle was to make a space between those layers. When I made a sample, the piece did not have enough spaces between the layers, so it seemed like a normal picture of a field. I put card board between each other and made distances between them. It worked very well, so I really like it.

Today was the last day as a Fine Art specialist. I love the classmates and tutors, so I am going to miss this class. 

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