Today was the art crit. The tutors commented on how you can look at parts of work, and experiment with displaying work differently in the space by playing about with the area you moved it to and how you did it. Also to try out any ideas instead of imagining the notion of scale. Thinking about how the presenting of work can add meaning and importance.

I displayed my work (projector and projected image). When my work was spoken about people looked into the projected space, afterwards they commented how the piece forces you to look into a space and be confined which you may not feel comfortable with. Another person said it reminded them of something like 1920's-30's like how cinemas became public, how things can be publicly and privately viewed and that I could also explore moving images. A woman felt that when she looked in the screen she felt a bit self conscious as anyone else viewing her and the work would only see her bottom half (her body) which she didn't feel comfortable with. She commented also that people of different heights may have a different viewing experience of it. Taller people may find it harder to move inside to viewer rather than shorter people. Comments on how it doesn't look safe and their trusting me that nothing bad will happen when they look or they wont become scared. Comments on how you look in its a different scenario to the environment on the street, how they can't believe its in the street, a transformation of feeling and structure. One person commented after the talk how most people commented on the way it looked aesthetically, they could see that the concept I displayed had a high meaning and created more interest, and took a deeper understanding into exploring the idea of Barbie and the pyramid, they thought you could view it like Barbie is perfect and has a perfect life in a dream house and it may mimic reality. Another person commented how it was very beautiful, the machine as well as the picture that was projected.

People viewing the work had interest and were queuing up to view it individually as only one person can see it at a time. 

It was exciting to see the range of work that people produced including: sculpture, performance, painting, video edits, photography. It was interesting to listen to all the feedback that people got and the positives and negatives and how they could have improved it. The way of presenting was deemed highly important as it added meaning to the work and played a part in the quality of the work. I will have to bring the projector home as well. Going into CSM I left my camera at home so I went back home to get the camera and journeyed back to CSM to take the photo of the projector and went back home again. I am unable to use the car to take the projector home so will have to tomorrow.

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