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Feedback we received about our group work was it had a "personality" and the gum symbolized that "everyone is unique". Others felt it reminded them of "school" and "youth". More feedback we received was it "looks really cool, hiding the gum is very playful",it was an "interesting way of showing an organised mess", "good composition" and one person said they can "see a counting process, time mark and well communicated". However the outcome would have been better if we used "more gum" , "smaller pieces" and "different colours". 
The second part to the day we were instructed to work individually focusing mainly on the process. After the workshop induction and from previous experience of working with plaster I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon making up plaster mixture and casting my finger prints, inside of my palm and a plastic cup I found. I enjoyed casting my skin because of the outcome I received of the creases, lines, veins and DNA. Recording the skin gave a very personal approach to my work similar to chewing the gum. 

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