In groups of four we were given three images and instructed to discuss the similarities of the individual artists work and the visual connections between the pieces of art work. As a team we came up with the connection that all the artists use repetition with their objects and the objects in each piece interlock with each other. We then discussed everyday objects which would move together as a response to these artists. We decided on everyday objects because we thought the objects used by the artists as examples were things which were used everyday. We came up with, train tickets, glasses,VT, water bottles, underwear, socks, finger prints, mouth guards... Next we discussed the idea of a process. We thought of, printing,casting, stitching, stacking... As a group we decided to use chewing gum because it has a human trace and the process of chewing to disform the shape and lighten the colour then placed in rows made the piece personal and repetitive.

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