6th November

I found it quite hard to translate what I wanted to say into a painting. I liked the collage how it was really! I also feel that painting is a medium that people have certain expectations for which puts the pressure on!

I experimented in painting different elements from the image in different ways like Laura Owen, and I liked the images I came up with but I felt there was still more I could do. I'd have loved to have had a lot longer to paint as it takes ages! 

download.php?file=700434&embedded=1&textbox=654818 download.php?file=700431&embedded=1&textbox=654818

Feedback from my classmates in the crit: 

*The colours in the painting are the same colours as my clothes! PHOTO?!
*Nostalgic and spiritual colours and appearance.
*Separate elements not quite fitting together like a jigsaw, like memory is incomplete...
*Can't quite tell what it is of - sea and mountain? the rock needs more detail...

Feedback from Tutor:

*The earlier, similar piece holds together more, the intricate brush strokes on rock work an could be expanded on.

*The gaps- make it feel incomplete maybe paint them in if they are meant to stay white.

*Where does the frame end and painting begin?

*Butterflies nice maybe experiment with swallows or something else. Shiny things can end up seeming kitch so need to always balance with serious elements - which this painting has with the large rock.

* If your interested in reflective qualities - physical and meaningfully, maybe try painting on mirrors and do loads of collages when you are panning something like this, go over the top, then you can bring it back

I felt quite frustrated after the lesson as I felt I hadn't managed to make a painting that conveyed perfectly what I wanted it to mean! I like painting but I do feel that it is hard for me to make this connection in this medium. So I thought I might cut it up and send it to my loved ones so they could keep a piece of it forever and it would be safe with them! 

What I decided in the end to do was send parts of the collage (I wanted to keep the painting in the end so I could show my working) to them and ask them to add something and send it back so the final image would be a collaborative effort, not only the image would be nostalgic but also the relationships involved are really precious to me :)


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