The day started with a last minuet preparation of buying some unusual objects from the 99p store and charity shop at Archway on my way to college. From the 99p store I purchased, plastic cups, light bulbs, bat's, a ball, glasses, shuttlecocks, a cleaning scrubber and from the charity shop I got, a wooden comb, a toast holder and a spoon and fork pincher. When I got into college the first think the tutor did was show us a power point presentation about different sculptural artists. My favourite was Gregor Schneider because of the way he takes an object away from its natural habitat/surrounding. Below is my favourite work of his. The image is of a prison on a beach. Schneider's sculptures are presented as images and this links to our aim for the day of taking ordinary objects and making them into a sculptural piece, presenting them in a way which is not the 'norm' then presenting them further as images.

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