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Monday, 10th November

I had Atsu and Bea's class. Today was mainly to make our own works. I was glad to see Bea in this class because I was very worried about her after we got to know Tetsuya's death. On Thursday, she looked shocked, and I did not see her in the afternoon class. I heard the tutor of his progress tutorial was Bea, and most Diagnostic students' had an unsparing advice, so I was thinking she would be shocked and upset. She talked to me and had a conversation this morning, and I felt she was feeling down although she pretended not to get depressed. I told her I was worried about her, and then she was moved to tears. I am so sorry to see her face like this. I guess she might think she advised strickly. I really do not want her to blame herself. She has taught me since I was in the orientation course in April, and I really like her so hope her feeling will be better.

I was working for my final work. When I had the interim critique on Thursday, my friends gave me an advice to make spacing between each layers. I was thinking the same thing, so I decided to do it. I put thick papers between the layers and made a stereoscopic effect in the work. The layers were not very different from the sample that I made on Thursday. I am working without any troubles, so I will keep this and want to finish as soon as I can.

My plan for this week is to finish making this by Tuesday. I think I could make this sample up during the las Thursday class, so it is not difficult to finish it.

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