Today I wrote notes in my sketchbook for ideas and went to the library to do some research , I ended up taking out 3 books, for my ideas. I thought about ideas on egyptians and pyramids, I then thought about how I could represent a pyramid and then have the inside very different like malibu barbie. I looked online all the tents I liked were expensive or the tents that were cheaper I didn't like its know making me rethink my concept and what Im doing, the space were exhibiting our work in the walls are white and the building space looks quite plain and boring so I think something with lots of colour and a retro vibe will look good and stand out. I will have to think about this and do more research and take notes, I am planning to visit galleries tomorrow so hopefully I will draw inspiration from this. The books I  took from the library were : portable architecture and unpredictable surrounding, mobile- the art of portable architecture and the magic of tents- transforming space.

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