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Tuesday, 4th November

I got to Kings Cross at 10am and added some pictures on my sketchbook. Today's class was development of the ideas, and the tutors were Alex and Emma. We chose a place where we are going to display our final works. I had not decided on my final work yet, so I was mainly thinking about this. I drew some images of my ideas on my sketchbook and thought how to make the pieces, how big the works are, what materials I should use etc. The first idea was to paint a room or place and put transparent boards and a flame of a window. And the second idea was to make sky, like painting the sky on a board, making it stand, putting it between mirrors and spreading cotton over it. I felt the first one is better than the second one and started developing the idea.

My idea for the final work is a window of "eternal slumber." The concept is "death" The "death" is always next to us. The image of it is a bed on a beautiful flower field. In Japanese language, we have the expression of death, saying "sleeping forever." Because of the conception, in my mind, death equals to "sleeping forever." That is the reason why I use a bed for this image. The way of making it is to stick some images which is cut off on transparent boards and to put them on top of each other.

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