Out of Space - Week 9

Monday, 3rd November

I had a class at Kings Cross. The tutors were Atsu and Bea. They explained about this project, Out of Space, and let us brainstorm at lunch. This project is to make a space, and it can be painting, sculpture or photograph etc. When I was listening and reading about the project, I felt a better understanding of what I should do. However, the more I thought about it, the more I got confused. I asked Atsu what the "physical space" was, and he said "physical space" means the place which actually exists, but it can be the "imagined place" or the "remembered place." The "remembered place" can be the "imagined place" because when I think of a place that I have been/visited, it is my imagination, so it is the "imagined place" as well. If you think about the universe, it can be "physical space" and an "imagined space" because I have never been to space so I can only image it. It was very complicated, but I think I understood it (hopefully). And he advised me not to be nervous, just to relax and think about my ideas. I brainstormed with words at first and also thought about a "space" that I can actually create as my final work. In the afternoon, we had a conversation about this project with Atsu, and after that we went to Archway to see a presentation about three pathways, Painting, Sculpture and Fine Art Practice. I have not made up my mind but I feel like taking the painting route right now. I have 2 weeks to decide my pathway, so this gives me enough time to weigh up the options.

My ideas for this project now are to make a small model of the sky or the heavens with mirrors and cotton, to paint a seabed city or a city that humans live in the universe, or to paint/to make a small box of a bedroom which is full of water, etc.. Or the other ideas are to paint something like a golden fish tank, a class room in Japan in a nostalgic way, the universe etc. If I have a fish tank, I really want to make a small bedroom in it and run water into the tank. To think about the possibility to make artwork actually, I should paint a space of something/somewhere or create a small space with some materials that I can get. Actually, I might have misunderstood about this project, so I need to ask a tutor about this. 

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