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'Russia based studio, Province, created deconstruct from brightly color blocks. The examination of letterforms through variation in block widths and heights creates unexpected forms and texture. Deconstruct challenges the convention of how traditional letterforms are made. We especially like how the 3D letter compositions transform into a 2D vector base alphabet.'

I thought this project was particularly striking and while I was scrolling through the blog it immediately caught my eye, I love the simple childlike nature of using the bright bold block shapes and how this contrast with the complexities and the textures created by the way the blocks have to be arranged t create the desired letterforms. I especially like the way that the letterforms have been photographed on a plain white background creating these dark shadows which further add to the depth of the image. When photographing my letterforms I got similar shadows from the way the folds had slightly raised the letterforms above the surface and this project has definitely inspired me to exaggerate and make use of these shadows as part of the images that I create. I however wasn't as keen on the 2D vector versions of the font I think by making it 2D it looses a lot of what I liked about it and although it is very clean and attractive I much prefer the full alphabet using the 3D photographs of the type.


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