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Since this project was an introduction I thought this book would be useful to look at the very basic aspects of typographic terminology and techniques. The book itself is a collection of typefaces that are seen everyday with images of them in use and information about the historical background of the typeface. The book also talks about how fonts are classified and the relationships between some fonts. For this project I looked at it to get some basic technical terminology to do with type as well as flicking through the rest in general to see how different typefaces are used. Below are some of the definitions that I found especially interesting or helpful:

  • Display type- Typefaces designed for title or headline applications rather than for reading texts.
  • Family- Generic description of a collection of fonts of varying weights and styles sharing a common design approach and construction features.
  • Readability- The definition of being able to read and absorb typeset text when composed.
  • Legibility- The quality of one letter being recognisable from another.
  • Ink Trap- Design feature where corners and elements of letterforms are removed to allow for the spread of ink when printed.
  • Fleuron- Decorative typographic ornament, often a flower or botanical symbol.

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