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Graphiatrist is a design studio located in Brooklyn run by Eric Ku and Alex Merto. They work across a range of mediums and materials working in illustration, art direction, brand identity, packaging, interactive design and others. Their work is fairly varied but overall generally the work is fairly minimal with a use of bold colours and quite geometric solid shapes. The two images at the top are both of a typographic experiment that the studio created using paper in a similar way to the project we were working on however they instead used circular pieces of paper in a thicker black type of paper. I really love the project the design is so simple and yet all the letterforms are completely legible I also love the texture created from creasing the paper. Similarly to the Deconstruct project the type is photographed incredibly well, the white background keeps the focus on the details of the letters and the high contrast between the black and white makes it a very bold and striking design.

Below the images of this project is another project that Graphiatrist created for Vakkorama I really liked these designs and even though the actual typography is used fairly simply and the designs are very quiet I really liked the use of colour and the bold shapes that are in the bottom right of the image. I thought that these designs would be quite useful as inspiration for creating my digital letterform design. Even though it isn't necessarily applicable for this project I also thought this project was very inspiring it terms of their use of layout, although their is a clear branding and cohesive visual theme throughout the work the use of layout varies across the work and I think that in such a minimal design this works very well and I especially like the contrast between aspects where they have created patterns that fill the space and other areas where there is a small are of type among a large area of negative space. Therefore I would definitely like to revisit the work of this design studio in a project where I was maybe looking at branding or packaging.

The final image is a typographic project by Merto and it was created for an event and in the brief the artists asked to participate in the project were given a letter and the letter given to Merto was the letter F and so he chose to create the Effing Typeface. The outcome is lighthearted and crude and creatively interprets the brief, he uses the letters to communicate common sexual slang, his choice of the bold simple style of the illustrative type means that it is reminiscent or cartoons and keeps the designs fun and entertaining and by only using black outlines on a white background the design remains simple and effective. I really liked the designs but for this specific project it wasn't necessarily appropriate for the style of work we were producing however I did find his creative approach and his use of a theme throughout the type generally inspiring.

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