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'Handmade Type is a self-initiated typographic experiment by designer Tien-Min Liao, where she explores the relationships between upper and lower-case letters.  She drew with ink on one or both of her hands to make the upper-case letter, then through movement and perspective she created the lower case letter. '

I really loved this project, how she has related the medium back to the title of the project but I also like her choice of using the medium of a gif to produce her final outcome since it is all about the process and the upper case letter transforming into the lower and vice versa the medium of the gif is the perfect way to capture it. Also being a gif and having a loop it reinforces the idea of being a cycle as well as focusing on the movement of the hands and their key role in the letterforms. Overall the piece is very inspiring and I am definitely inspired to use gifs either in a future typographic project or in a later project where this idea of a process and a cycle means it would be appropriate.

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