Today was the day of the critique, it was interesting to see how everyone had set up their work, it was mostly displayed on tables, a few were on the floor and one person did theirs on the wall and another hanging from the ceiling. I set up my work neatly I moved everything out of the way of the area I wanted to present my work in, as for this particular piece anything to near to my displayed sculpture I felt would compromise my concept and the appearance of how I had displayed it. It was interesting to see the range of materials that people had used, some used found objects, plastic bags, string, plaster, clay, paint, ink etc. We all gave feedback on the works. 

Comments said about others works: Artists to comment, no instruction, appearance of a tampon, suggestions of subjects on rape, miscarraige, Paul McCarthy, formalism, modernism(progress, new) postmodernism- recombined, nothing is new just differently interpreted. 

I took quick notes on what was said about my piece:

-Consumerism, lots of waste in the world, recycling


-Looks nice with the Red tablecloth and neatly presented, thought has gone into it

-Food is ugly, drink looks like a protein shake, comments of a blind man and having laser vision, not being able to see food, then say that food was ugly,

-Presented well, about decay and food

-Rotting vegetables, comments on how the drink had separated, the water from the food particles. 

-Machine food, comments of a robot poo, an artist who sold his poo

-Artists mentioned: Bill Viola, Anya Gaucho, Manzoni, Cloaca- Wim Pelvoye


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