I have had a think about what my final idea will be for sculpture this week. It brings irony to the term 'Food Porn' and what is acceptable in life. It explores prestiges and how people can be proud, what can be scoffed at and what can be ok. Exploring food in their classes. Homeless or hungry rummaging through bins and the high end restaurants or places 'acceptable' of eating. The class of people and the class of foods. Lobster and Tuna. Less common and common.

I have done more work in my sketchbook.

I have started to make my final outcome, I will present it on one of the tables provided at Archway on my mums best plate,wine glass and cutlery. I will present it as a setting, an imagining, of an enjoyable evening eating a well- cooked meal whilst looking out a window at a beautiful scene. However I will use disgusting mouldy foods out of my recoiled bin that have been sitting there a while and create a horrible drink.

People who need help tend to be looked down upon the most, we pity them, sympathise, or think bad of, I have given food to homeless before and have been talking to them, and people have given me strange looks as if to say what are you doing talking to them. I have given these people the remains of my packed lunch that I have had on me at the time as it was all I had, they haven't scoffed at it, they have devoured it. And then the contrast of big restaurants, it is amazing to decipher the difference.

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