Today Everyone started experimenting more creatively with the materials they used. Inspired from the previous day using food, I went to 99p Store just around the corner to see what food I could find to create sculptures with. From the Painting unit I had used traditional sculpting materials so I wanted to use and create something different. I went to 99p Store and I decided I wanted to create something out of gluing lots of crisps together. I wanted to choose a type that would be soft, easy to glue together and would not break easily. I decided to get 'Skips' as I thought they had a smooth texture and would create an interesting shape when I started gluing them together, I also bought Jelly Babies because they have an appearance of a human being and I had some change left over so I went to another corner shop and bought a small packet of sweets. I returned to the Archway Building and began gluing the pieces together using the glue gun. I ate quite a bit of the food throughout the making as I couldn't resist the temptation, and also I had several people coming over wanting to nibble on my potential food sculpture. I wanted to create the sculpture inspired by 'Food Porn' and the obsession with everything presentable having to look good or conform to a certain standard. Lots of people take pictures of food that looks good before they eat it but they wouldn't after someone or they had played around with it and started eating it. I carried on Ideas and working in my sketchbook at home.

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