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Through this project

I learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and that I should check my work which I have done again. When I finished making the video at first, I did not know whether my work was good or not. But I watched it in the afternoon and found a better way to show the film. I was conscious of the repetition in this project; however, if it is repeating too much, it is long-winded and boring. It should be moderate times. If I finished making my work, I should see it again an hour later or a day later. Then I can see the work objectively and find something different.

During this project, I was thinking about my best friend, Anna, who is studying film making in Massachusetts, Boston. We have been together for fifteen years and used to draw something together or write something on our exchange diary. She went to an American school in Switzerland when she became a high school student. Every time she came back to Tokyo, she talked about her experience of her school life, which made me interest for abroad. It is the reason why I went to America after graduation from high school. She was interested in Fine Art or Illustration, but for some reasons, she is making films now.

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