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Since Monday, I watched some films, read some books, went to a museum and thought a lot of things.

The films are O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Billy Madison, DianaThe Boy in the Striped PyjamasGrave of the Fireflies and Saving Private Ryan.

Even though Diana was my second time to watch, it was still moving and made me shed tears. This story is about the last two years of the life of Princess of Wales, Diana, and she seemed like a perfect lady and was treated specially, but she is a human being and a "normal" woman as well. At the end of the film, I could feel how much she was loved by people. I do not remember when she died so I only remember her in global news or history books.

The Boy in the Striped PyjamasGrave of the Fireflies and Saving Private Ryan are the films about World War II. They made me think about war. I think war never stops because there are the people who earn much money from war. I cannot do anything for the place where war still occurs, but the thing I can do now is just to hope that it will be less.

The books that I read were about politics and religion. The books' authors wrote about war because politics and/or religions are sometimes related to war. As it is similar to the topic earlier, war never stops. We are keeping war endlessly. the people in Europe, East Asia and America are living peacefully (actually terrorism might be aiming for us, so we cannot say our place is completely peaceful, though), at the same time, the people in Africa, Middle East, and other places, including women and children, are lives in battlegrounds while being afraid of their death. Although the reasons are various like different nationalities, thoughts, races or something like imperialism, many of wars, especially nowadays, are because of religion. I think, the people who started religions like Jesus Christ or Muhammad, wanted this world to be peaceful. Human nature is such a difficult existence. One of my friends who is Christian said, war was not because of religion, religion is often used by someone who wants a conflict to break out. I do not know what is truth. It is a very difficult question for everyone.

I went to White Cube, a contemporary art museum, with Masako and saw an exhibition titled The Last Great Adventure is You. It was my first time to visit the gallery, and as the name suggests, it had very clean white walls and ceilings. The works in the exhibition were mainly a repetition of naked ladies in various ways such as painting, drawing, sculpture and stitching. The stitching pieces were powerful and forceful because of the size. From a distance, I first thought they were paintings.

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