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Wednesday, 1st October

I went to Kings Cross and printed the pictures of the traditional building in various ways such as on black papers, tracing papers, nice quality papers and so on. I painted them in a lot of ways and tried to find something nice. The way I did at first was on normal printer's paper, but it looked poor and does not look proper work. I put colour on a thin pellucid board and put on top of the photo. As the paints did not put on the board well, I felt it failed as a work. The next trial was to paint on cartridge papers and put the pictures, I printed on tracing papers, on tope of the cartridge papers. I printed on black papers as well, and it looked already nice even though I did not put paints on them. Eventually, I found the way I did firstly was the best way, so I painted as the first way on a nice paper.

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