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Tuesday, 23rd September

We drew and made samples of our artworks. I did not have enough materials to make samples, so I was just drawing and writing my ideas. In the end of the class, some students, who were chosen by tutors, presented their works, and everyone had various impressive ideas. Fortunately (I do not know whether I should say like this), I was not chosen by tutors to present my ideas. I am not really good at speaking in front of everyone, especially English is my second language, thus when I was listening to my friend's presentation, I was really impressed by them. If tutors had chosen me, I would not have spoken very well. I feel I need to study English more since the start of this course, therefore I have started to read articles related to art on free newspapers and London TimeOut. Of course, there are some words which I do not understand, then I look them up in my dictionary.

I am not sure whether this is a good way to study English or help my understanding of the class, but I want to keep doing it.

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