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Tuesday, 30th September

Our today's tutor, Gary, showed us how to use Image Maker, and after that, we were making our own pieces all day. I was interested in Image Maker and tried it because I have never used it before; however, I could not make it very well. Following, I printed out the pictures which I used previous day and put acrylic painting on them. I liked two pictures, one is a photo of a forest which the sun light comes into, and the other is a photo of a room which seems like a historical building. When I painted on them, I want the colours to be straight, so I used masking tapes and painted on the tapes. However it was strongly adhesive and teared the pictures. I asked Gary how I should do with them. He showed me how to make the tapes' adhesive force weaker and also recommended to use Acrylic Canvas Sealer. I tried his way and succeeded to make the works that I wanted to. I am satisfied with my works today and I am going to continue making my final piece tomorrow.

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