Process Process Process - Week 6

Thursday, 16th October

Karen was our tutor and talked about today's class and progress tutorial. We needed to show our own works in the end of the class, and I forgot my piece in my house and decided to put the photos of my work on the wall. And also we had to research an artist or work that related to our works, so I chose Annette Thas who is an Belgian artist. She collected so many Barbie dolls and made a big wave by the sea in Australia. 

From 3:30pm, we started to look around the each works that we made. Everyone made great sculptures, so I felt embarrassed to show my work. I found everyone had individuality, and our works showed our personality. This resonated for me.

What I failed in this day was I did not bring my works to the class. I did not think about anything, so I did not expect I needed my works. If I checked the brief out or think about what we were going to do, I could find out whether I need them or not. From next time, I will think about what I need or what I am going to do in the class.

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