Process Process Process - Week 6

Tuesday, 14th October

Our tutor was Kaori and showed us how to use plaster. I am always in the class room before 10 minutes at least, but on this day, I left my flat later than usual, and in addition to this, the northern line did not stop between Camden Town and East Finchely because someone tried to kill himself. Therefore I took a bus from Camden Town to Archway and got to school late. Fortunately, Kaori did not resister yet because many people were not in the class, so I was not late officially. But I think, if I went to school on usual time, I could get to the class room, so I should be careful not to leave my flat late.

When I got to class room, Kaori was asking people what we found in the previous day's class. After that, she gave us a paper to each table and let us think which words were related with the each pictures on it. After Max, Paul and I took a memo of some words we came up with on the paper, we made an easy art piece which was related to the words we wrote.

After that, we learned how to use plaster and made something with clay or plaster. I did not have any ideas, so I just made something without thinking. And then, suddenly I started to make a sushi with clay and put it on plaster. 

Through the class, I again realised that I am not really good at sculpture because I have no idea what I should make when I am in front of materials. I like to make three-dimensional pieces, but against my feeling, the works are not that great, and actually I prefer making two-dimensional works. Therefore I quite struggle with making them in the class. I think it is also good experience that I found the feeling.

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