Process Process Process - Week 6

Monday, 13th October

I had a class of a sculpture tutor, Karen. It was our first time to meet her. I felt she was a cheerful, talkative and friendly person. In the morning of her class, we made artworks with something ready-made as much as possible. I did not have anything to use for my work, so I went to a 99p shop and got rubber bands and plastic forks, spoons, knifes and cups. At first, I made a sculpture with plastic cups, knifes and rubber bands. The image of this work was a wedding bouquet (bunch of flowers.) I found that forks and spoons were very useful for making sculpture. The cup has fallen over and the plastic spoons and forks represent the "wave" of the water that has spilt. After I made it, I was reminded Anne Thus' work (I put her work on Information File, so check it out if you are interested in), a wave of over 3,000 barbie dolls. With the same materials, I made a sculpture of "appetite." I put plastic forks together and stabbed the object in a muffin. The forks looked like someones hands who wanted to eat the muffin and showed his/her "appetite." I was hungry when I made it. I think that is why this sculpture was created. I created another sculpture with a plastic cup, forks, spoons and a paper bag. The theme is "expand." After lunch, I got hooks and pegs as new materials and created new pieces. I put hooks on the wall and hanged rubber bands on them. It seemed like a geometric pattern. The next work was a sculpture with a plastic cup, clothes pegs, a hook and rubber bands. It looked like an alien or a space ship. As the last piece, I made a sculpture with a plastic cup, rubber bands and clothes pegs. It does not have a special meaning. I found it was a architectural piece. 

Before this day, the image of sculpture for me was like using plaster, clay, or wood, etc.; however, this class taught me that we can create something with ready-made goods as well.

My friends made their own works with a lot of things I have not tried to use for this project, and it was impressive and creative. Thanks to them, I discovered there are many ways to make sculptures with various household items/things.

Through making works in this class, I found a new way which I can use anything for sculpture. Art can be anything. Everything can be art. This is the thing I found. And this project reminds me an artwork that I saw at Tate Modern several months ago, Everyday made by Subodh Gupta, using stainless steel and stainless steel utensils on marble bace. I liked using forks and spoons for my work. If I had masking tapes, it was much easier than rubber bands. I want to experiment with metal cutlery.

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