ReEdit - Week 5

Thursday, 9th October

Our class was just to show and critique our own works. Alan said everyone should have said something. I always do not say anything because I am a shy person and also do not have confidence to speak in English, especially in front of everyone. However, this time, I encouraged myself and sometimes mentioned my opinion to the class. Still I felt embarrassed and my English skill is not good enough, but I could do my best. Thankfully, Alan is a very nice and kind man and made the effort to understand what I wanted to say. His attitude made me happy, it gave me a little bit of confidence to speak in front of people.

Some students in my class made political videos, especially seemed to be about the United States, and I am actually interested in politics not only my country but also foreign country, but unfortunately my English is not that great, so I felt I have to study English more.

I made a video of a ballet dancer. I found the video on YouTube when I was randomly looking for something I like. I changed the colour to black and white and twice quicker than original one. And I repeated her dancing in the video and made her dancing unrealistic. My friends mentioned the dancer in this video was sculptural. I was really glad that my classmate liked my work.


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