ReEdit - Week 5

Tuesday, 7th October

We had a class at the same place. We are going to show our own works to everyone on Thursday, so the class was just making our own films all day. I finished making mine during the class.

I used a ballet dance video that I found on YouTube and edited it. Actually I finished to make my work before noon, but I opened another sequence and reedited the video. In the afternoon, I could make a better film than the one that I had finished in the morning. The video that I edited was hypnotic and made me crazy when I was making it. I found that I like editing films; however, at the same time, it made me very tired and was concentrated hard to make it. Therefore I went back to my flat as soon as possible after the class.

Even though the thing I learned in this class is simple and basic, I am glad that I am getting to know how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. If I have a opportunity, I want to make a video work at some point. 

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