Human Being - Week 3

Human's brain

I made a sculpture of a human's brain for the 'human being' project. I constructed the base of the sculpture with clay, put acrylic paints and drew many circles with a black pen on it.

I came up with this idea when I was brainstorming about human beings/behaviour. I found every special action is related and effected by our brain. It is the key point of the differences between humans and other animals. The other animals can walk, run and eat without any help when they were born; however, human's babies can not do anything by themselves, they are just breathing and need someone's help to live when they are born.

The reason why human's baby is like that is because our brain is bigger than the other animals'. We have a very big brain and mothers can not give birth to babies if their head grows; therefore, we have to be deliver babies before their heads become big. The human baby is a similarly premature animal that is helpless. 

Human has two different parts of the brain, one is the right side, and the other is the left. The right brain is creative, we are using it when we are imagining or dreaming. The left brain is logical, we are using it when we are reading, talking and so on. These elements inspired my art piece on this subject.

After I finished it, I felt I should have made this brain bigger. I found the scale of artwork was important because it changes its impression. The next time I make sculpture, I should consider the size of it.

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