Today's class - Week 2

Tuesday, 16th September

Our class started 10:30am, and we met two female teachers whom it was the first time to see. One lady, Kaori, was calm, and the other lady, Susan, was cheerful and funny. Also our group got a new member, so today's class was quite different from the last lesson.

We brainstormed for our own works and got many ideas in every 30 seconds. To draw my ideas in short time was quite difficult, so I straggle to do it. But I got a lot of ideas in few minutes. This is a good idea to brainstorming. After that, we showed each other our own sketch books. Everyone had a lot of creative and interesting ideas. It was exciting and stimulating for me, and I felt like I also had to make something interesting. Thus I want to practice to do it.

I mentioned about "The Elephant Man", a British film about a deformed man, on my first journal, and actually I watched it on Sunday, and today, when I was talking about our own ideas with my new friends in the class, one friend, Max, showed me the idea inspired by the Elephant Man and liked the film by chance. It was unexpected and surprising.

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