Saatchi Gallery - Week 1

Saturday 13th September

I went to the Saatchi Gallery with my group members, Paul and Masako. Our purpose of the day was to go to the Saatchi Gallery and research the artist, material and process from a list we were given in CSM's library for our project. However, we could not enter the school because of the preparation for Paul Smith's fashion show, therefore we just saw the gallery, talked, and went back home.

I saw many contemporary and interesting works in the Saatchi Gallery and found some art pieces I'm very keen on, especially the work of Vincent Michea's. He was born in 1963, Figeac, France, and works in Paris and Dakar. His works are painted by brightly coloured acrylic painting and operate as souvenirs of Dakar's past glories and visual documents of the city's contemporary glamour.

I had a great time with my new friends and felt I should go to galleries or museums as much as possible.


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