The Later Temple of Artemis at Ephesos at British Museum

The Later Temple of Artemis at Ephesos



When I was drawing this, a guard man told me this is very rare. The wall which carved the images was rounded and was quite huge. 

The Archaic temple of Artemis was burnt down in 356 BC, according to tradition on the very night that Alexander the Great was born. Rebuilding was begun almost immediately, and the new temple was numbered among the Seven Wonders of the World. The temple was built to house the great cult image of Artemis Ephesia. When Alexander the Great's army liberated Ephesos in 334 BC, the temple was still unfinished. Alexander wished to dedicate it but, as Strabo informs us, his offer was refused by the Ephesians, who cleverly stated that it was not fitting for one god to dedicate a temple to another.


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