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Christian Rosa



Dead on arrival 2013

Pencil, spray paint, oil stick and oil on canvas


Brazilian artist Christian Rosa employs pencil, spray paint and oil paint in his very physical painting of large canvases, creating abstract pictures which seem to take on Wassily Kandinsky's expression 'Each colour lives by its mysterious life'.

Similarly to the Russian founder of abstraction, Rosa's interest is nonobjective and he aims to express inner subjective experiences rather than an imitation of the material world. In his work colour and form maintain their mystery, becoming more akin with the emotional power of music, and moving the viewer towards a spiritual engagement with art.

Unafraid of taking risks, Rosa incorporates his mistakes as potential points of departure for visualcoomposition. The result is a meditative ensemble of a white background puncuated with subtle lines sketched in primary colours and destural pencil paths that suggest forms such as faces, raindrops and body parts.

By avoiding strict composition, Rosa becomes the primary vehicle for a process of automatic writing in visual form, creating images which are generated in a chance-based exquisite corpse.

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