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Antonio Malta Campos

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Brazilian artist Antonio Malta Campos jams together rebellious elements in his close-fitting paintings. The artist begins a painting with a single pattern that evolves throughout the creative process into a complex interweaving of visual strata. Organic forms gradually emerge as layers of colour are laid down; the paint's transparency revealing both figurative forms and abstract, cubist shapes from within.

An appreciation of the overall composition subsequently gives way to the perception of an existing narrative: Malta Campos' individual and coupled characters silently converse in minimal landscapes, as they look straight into the void or at the viewer as lost protagonists.

In his series of gouaches called Misturinhas, painted motifs are mixed with collaged photographs, echoing the Dada and Bauhaus experiments in photomontage of artists such as Raoul Hausmann and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.

Malta Campos' use of sampling and layering are reminiscent of the unstable improvisation of early jass, seeming to indicate that if his works were audible, they would sound like unpredictable, clashing chords.

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