Jose Carlos Martinat at Saatichi Gallery

Jose Carlos Martinat

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Ejercico Superficial #12 2011

Glass and spray paint

Dimensions variable


Jose Carlos Martinat's art is at the interface of real and virtual worlds.

The Peruvian artist looks to the treets of the two cities he calls home - Lima and Mexico City - bringing together ideas of architecture and the urban milieu, and human and cyber memories in his work.

His multimedia installations and sculptural assemblages incorporate a diversity of materials and stratedies to question existing preconceptions in regards to where things belong. His work therefore becomes an archeology of sorts as he brings pieces intended for the street into the gallery.

Martinat has a penchant for kitsch aesthetics which he artculates by stealing samples of brightly coloured graffiti tags from the windows of abandoned urban buildings. Enjoying the creative superficiality of this act of appropriation, the artist helps himself to these ready-made artworks and remodels and repurposes them, as is the case of his Ejercicios Superficiales series on display here.

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