Rafael Gomezbarros at Saatchi Gallery

Rafael Gomezbarros

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Casa Tomada 2013

Resin, Fiberglass, wood, screen cotton, rope, Cerrejon coal

Body: 50x20x50cm; Legs: 90x50cm


Hudreds of ants take over Gallery 1, their bodies composed of cast human skulls.

Colombian artist Rafael Gomezbarros uses the installation to address the plight of millions of displaced immigrants who are constantly crossing the planet in search of asylum, and who are rendered invisible by the media. He is particularly interested in the Colombian causalities that were killed or made homeless over the last fifty years due to the armed conflict teaering through the country.

The installation has previously invaded the facades of national monuments and historical buildings, such as Barranquilla's customs building and Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, where military leader Simon Bolivar possed away, in the artist's hometown Santa Marta.

Exploiting ants' natural aptitude for hard labour and complex social organization, Gomezbarros turns them into ghost-like representations of disappeared people, with a new capacity to reclaim the institutions which silenced them for decades. The work's title Casa Tomada references Argentitianwriter Julio Cortazar, who declared, ?unless a country buries its dead, there will always remain ghosts in the attic'.

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