Frieze Art Fair

Going to Frieze Art Fair, I felt exciting and that  it would be amazing, I went to the Fair last year with my sister, so I was able to go around speaking to her about the work and what I thought, whereas this time I went by myself I found it a very different experience, as I was not able to express to anyone else my thoughts or how I felt about a certain piece or was emotions were drawn from it. I felt I was able to walk around with a lot more ease than the previous time I had gone. I was by myself so I could control what I did when I did, and when to look at each piece and what to look at, I could control how quickly I moved on from a piece. I felt you can also appreciate things more when you are with another person, you have someone to enjoy it with which is what I felt I slightly missed this time. I took my time walking round, able to appreciate the things I liked and wander. I took my phone to take pictures with and a notebook, I wrote down artists work I particularly liked or found an aspect of their work intuitive. Later when I got home I searched these artists on the internet to further find out about their work and ideologies.  


The Artists I found of interest:


-Farhad Moshiri

-Rosa Barba (work I particularly enjoyed was called ‘Boundaries of Consumption’ I liked the title of the work it sounds structured and that she has thought deeply about the concept of her work, and has a story to it.

-Kaan Upson

-Eric Fischl

-Secundino Hernandez

-Nathaniel Mary Quinn 

-Takuro Kuwata

-Georg Baselitz

-Karel Appel

-Mario Merz

-Nilbar Gures

-Mladen Stilnovic

( Researching online I found these interesting to search: ‘Arte Povera, Cecily Brown, Glenn Brown’)


-Chen Xiaoyun


-Eddie Martinez ( I saw his work previously at the Saatchi Gallery)

-Performance on Frieze Projects- Nick Mauss

-John Bladessari

-John & Koen Van Den Broek

-Pier Paolo Calzolari

-Diana Al- Hadid

-Gardar Eide Einarsson

-Nina Beier

-Fredrik Vaerslev

-Oscar Tuazon

-Jim Lambie( particular works of interest, included materials: Potato Bags, Acrylic Paint, Expanding Foam on Canvas)

-Cezary Bodzianowski ( comments- Some Species of Art which I like and eagerly master I prefer to keep locked.)

  • Wilhelm Sasnal 

I particularly like the works from New York as well as the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw

-Cathy Wilkes

-Bjarne Melgaard ( I thought the textures of her piece were heavy and looked like icing meshed together to create a childish effect, she used bright colours and outlines, her work didn’t have great detail, but would be easy for children to relate to, I heard a young girl telling her mum she liked one of the paintings on the far left. Melgaard created thick layers which were profound and 3D, using interesting techniques with the material used- Acrylic Paint. 


There is a fascination with art galleries and the perfection and precision that artists use. The ‘Do not Touch’ saying is illegitimate and onlookers want to touch the work that has been presented in a way that godlifies it. Pieces included vegetables strewn across the floor and hiding in crates but having a percific place and newly given purpose of becoming an idol, the significance and importance of that object immediately changes. I was humoured to witness a gentleman poke his fingers into a bath of running water which was part of an art performance, whether he wanted to check the temperature of the bath or whether the water was realistically water, I do not know. But as soon as normalities of life are represented in a new light it becomes a fascination, whatever it may be we as humans are curious and want to challenge the ideas of others or feel a significance that we too can become part of the piece. By touching the water, he for a few moments became one with the piece and took it out of context. He took it out of context from the initial logistics. Throughout the day I saw people from all ages touching the works.

-Haegue Young ( sculpture made from bells)

-Seth Price ( wood, layered over, a section of wood uncovered.)


Looking at the pieces rectifies the idea that paintings can be basic with drawings looking unfinished, exploring various styles.

  • Jose Maria Sicilia ( The instant Chaleographic ink on Japenese Paper- may comment on origins)
  • Raches Harrison

Sculpture amongst strings parading geometric shapes, words, patterns, sculptures, plaster sculptures stuck to board, presenting sculpture in an interesting format. 

  • Gelatin
  • John Kelsey


New York Galleries- Gavin Brown Enterprise


I saw various works on nudity or showing this ( Nudity of a woman sat on a toilet- appealing) A sleeping body.

I found the works from the London Galleries less interesting than works from other countries, possibly because they were similar to other London Works I had seen previously due to living in London.

  • Julia Haller,
  • Nikolas Gambaroff( ripped, reorganised comics)
  • Paul Graham ( Photography of shops, simple but alluring)

Sculpture of Retro Astronaught

-Kudzanai Chiurai ( How could you)


The London Gallery that I liked the works on was the Laura Bartlett Gallery, I will have to look at it online and see if it is worth a visit.


  • Lubaina Himid
  • Adam Linder Live Performance, Berlin
  • Jacin Giordano
  • Olivier Millagou
  • Slavs and Tatan
  • Lisa Holzer
  • Phillip Limschl
  • Bjarne Melgaard

( Framed Pictures in metal and Brall)

-Karla Black( ‘what to ask of others’ thread, chalk, dust)

-Henrik Olesen

-Sheila Hicks

-Kaspar Muller ( 3D sticks out)

-Paul Sharits

-Ken Kagami

Hardened, glazed clothes, looks oily

-John Stezaken

Mira Schendel

Alexandra Bircken

-Derek Jarman

-Mike Bouchet

-Mark Bouchet

-Mark Flood

-Wim Botha Motoyuki Daifu

-Nina Beier


Stuart Shave/ Modern Art London

- White wobbling piece.



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