Today I went into school we had a talk from the tutor about what the week would bring, and what we were going to be doing. We had to make sculptures using materials that we had around us. I used my packed lunch as it was in my bag what I had brought with me from home, it made me think about the importance of things in life as well as the necessities. The things that get boring to do.. always eating, sleeping, drinking, using the bathroom, things we spent doing all the time in every day life that over the period of your life adds up and wastes so much time doing things you don't want to do, but are because your body makes you. From using my food, I was inspired by how food is arranged in a way to be attractive, or you have different types of food which are more expensive or classier than others. We were given a list of words we could think about to use or inspire us, I chose layering as I found it interesting to think that it is such a broad word it could refer to many different significances. We were told this day to think of ideas and come up with different suggestions for sculpture. I did various experiments using my packed lunch that I photographed at different points of eating it, from the state it was before eating to after eating, I played around with a few objects also exploring the power that an object can have, the significance and concept/history behind the object. I also did some material experiments with clay using some objects.

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