16th October

Our final day of PDP, we looked at live art/performance and animation. Particularly looking at shadow play, in groups, we had to create a piece inspired by a song. This was the part of the course I was dreading, as I don't enjoy doing anything to do with performance. However to conquer my fears I nominated myself to play the main person in the performance. We started the task by listening to the lyrics, it talks about how everyone carries a room inside them, we decided to continue with this idea and represent everybody's 'room' with a box that they carry around. Working in a fairly big group was difficult as everybody had clashing opinions, so it as difficult to agree on an idea for the performance. Although eventually we came up with the idea and sequence of movements in the performance. However, this was the result of one person taking over, therefore, other peoples ideas were ignored. Our final performance idea was to have me holding the box then people walk up to me and try to take the box, then someone bangs into me and drops the box, then finally someone friendly, comes over and listens to the box. When we had finally decided on these ideas, it was our turn to rehearse using the screen and lighting, however we were completely unprepared as we hadn't practiced it at all and really had little idea on what we were doing, this was unfortunate as we wasted out chance to practice using the proper lighting and screen, so that we could work out all the factors. Afterwards we quickly left and practiced in the hall, while rehearsing I found it very difficult as the main character of the performance, as everybody had opinions and ideas as to how I would perform, which made it really difficult to concentrate as I had to consider all things at once. We finally finished practising and it was time to perform, I was happy with how it turned out, however more practice, and a clearer and more concise idea as to what we were doing at the beginning would of certainly improved the performance.

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